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About Me:

It is a pleasure to introduce myself. I am Sophia Florence.

Gardening gives me all the happiness. I lost myself amidst nature; this is something which I think of the most. It gives me peace and pleasure. I enjoy playing around with nature, experimenting with different tips and techniques. This website is for providing the best guidance and suggestions. I would like to help people with all my experience. I research and experiment with things regarding gardening and hope to help you with all the information you need.

The website is all about gardening. I will help you with the best gardening practices and tools. You will find many reviews about gardening practices. And the exciting thing is that I will also recommend using the things that will help flourish and nourish your garden, making them even better. You will get the essential information, and over time this website will get even better with all of your participation. We will not disappoint you in the long run.

The story behind WholeGardening:

Since I was young, I used to love nature, especially flowers. Gardening was not that easy in my early days; I did not get a developed technology. I faced a  lot of problems, but finding solutions was a tough task. So I decided to learn from my mistakes and help people with all my experience.

For me, it was hard to find everything I needed just in one place. So to make things easy for you, and with my past 15 years of experience, I made the team “Whole Gardening,” where everything is about gardening. You can find all of your needs in one place. We want to be the dedicated doctors of your garden.

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