How to use a tiller to remove grass
Published Date: June 10, 2020

Using a tiller to remove grass from your yard is a straightforward and time-saving process. Where if you want to use hand tools like Shovel, Grub Hoe, Quayle sod cutter, or Pitchfork to remove grass, then that is a very time consuming, tiring, and costly process.

If you use a tiller to remove grass in your yard, that can be done quickly and easily for vast land, and that can make your yard more suitable for your cultivation. Good tilling can make the soil more fertile, which helps the plants to absorb the minerals easily from the land and can grow abundantly.

In the summer season, we can see the grasses grow very fast, and that is very harmful to the land as they absorb all the minerals and lose the fertility of the soil.

So, I always use my tiller to remove the grass from the land. The process is straightforward, but you need to know how to use a tiller to remove grass. I am going to discuss that with some simple steps to make the process easy for you.

How to use a tiller to remove grass in 7 steps:

Step 1: Choose a tiller according to your land.

You find various types of tiller in the market. So, its very confusing to you which one you should go for. I will tell you three types of the tiller. Choose your one from there according to your land.


The cultivator is the most lightweight and smallest tiller to remove grass. You can use that for your flowerbeds and your small soft lands. But not for your large yards. Also, the tiller can remove the low grass. But, you cannot remove the long and hard grass or weed with this one. You can run a cultivator tiller with battery power. You also can use electricity and petroleum.

Front tine:

Front tine tiller named front tine because the blades placed in the front part. You can use this tiller for simple and soft grasses.

Rare tine:

Rare tine tiller is the most potent tiller for a vast land. In this tiller, tines set on the back. You can use this tiller for a large bed with a minimum size of sixteen inches. You can remove any long grass in hard lands. To operate this tiller, you need more power with proper Personal Protective Equipment.

Step 2: Clean the grassed area if there is any rock.

You may use rear tine tiller. But still, you need to clear the area before going for tilling. Otherwise, your tiller tine may break if it faces any rock in the soil.

So, walk around your selected grassed land and look for hand rock or scarps, collect them and take those away from the land. If there is any root of a tree, then pull it up and through outside.

Step 3: Remove long grass, weed, or tree if there.

In this step, you need to remove the long grass, weed, or tree if that grows in your selected land. Take a mower, cut them, and through them away from the land so that those cannot hinder your tiller process. These long grasses also can destroy your tines.


Step 4: Make the land soft with water if it is hard or dry.

In this step, you need to check the land that is hard or dry. If the ground is hard or dry, then water the land wait for a while to become the land softly and then go for tilling. But here you need to remember, don’t overwater it as it gets muddy.

Soft lands can help the tiller to remove the grass from the root, and that will not grow after a few days.

Step 5: Start your tiller carefully.

Before starting the tiller, make sure you are wearing proper personal protective equipment. If you don’t know how to use a tiller, then open the tiller user manual and read that out because it may harm you if you don’t know the functions well.

Next, you should keep in mind that you are not tilling; you are removing grass. That means the depth of tilling should not be deep.

Now place your tiller in the land where you want to remove grass. Hold the handle of the tiller with your both hand and don’t forget to use a firm grip.

Set the tiller tines down and turn on the tiller. In this step, you have to be careful because when the tines start rotating, the tiller produces back force, and it can jump slightly. So, hold the tiller with a firm grip.

Step 6: Start tilling to remove grass.

In this step, turn on the clutch. The tines should set to dig into the soil. Now you have to push the blade and start whipping up the soil. You should divide the bed into different rows and follow the rows one by one when you are tilling.

Go forward slowly by tilling till the end of the row. When one row is complete, then pull up the tines and turn around. Start tilling again the next row by pushing the tines into the ground again.

Step 7: Till the bed until all the grass removed.

This step is for making the bed perfect for your cultivation. After complete tilling, walk around the bed and search for grass. If you find any, then till that specific bed again and make sure there is no grass.

A proper tilled bed can increase the fertility of the soil and help you to grow crops abundantly.

Final Talk:

Tiller can use as a grass removal machine to remove grass from your land within a short time. If you thing for planting, then using a tiller can help you to increase the absorption power of the soil and can help you to remove the grass at the same time.

Besides, you can use the tilled grass for composting as well. So, stop using hand tools for removing grass and use a tiller for your better gardening experience. Happy gardening!!!


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